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Textbook publishers have a unique "Catch-22" on their hands. They need to provide multimedia instruction along with major textbook releases, yet they cannot charge the user for it, and they get brutally criticized if it is anything less than a miraculous product.

I was Director of Product Development on the media CD-ROM companions for Prentice Hall's Freeman, Biological Science. A first edition textbook for Biology majors, it was a big-budget project from the start... and yet, we knew that the product that was developed would have to serve as a template for technology, pedagogy, layout, and architecture, as well as serving the immediate needs of the product in the marketplace.

There's so much to say about the development of a project of this magnitude. So many things went right, so many things went awry. Let's just leave it at "the client is pleased" and "the product is moving units and heads." You can give me a call to discuss the elegance of the product architecture, the usability solutions, the standardization, the style, the management of content, the crazy schedule, the feeling of accomplishment and that this was a "good" thing to have done.

Student CD-ROM and Instructor's Resource CD-ROM

There were two versions of this media product, the Student CD-ROM and the Instructor's Resource CD-ROM. The latter included the former, but also catalogued nearly 10,000 digital assets ranging from each individual animation and learning object on the student CD, to each visual from the textbook, to hundreds of prepared questions, outlines, and PowerPoint files to assist the teacher in presenting the material.

Textbook and CD-ROM Design

Splash Screen for the Student CD-ROM

I worked as Creative Director and music composer for all splash screens. These highly sensitive initial offerings always need extra client care, understanding of the users, and a director's touch to keep refined and not extravagant.

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