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 customdisc v1 1 2   

Originally known as CustomRevolutions, Inc. with a web site URL of The original site was a textbook example of interface errors and corporate miscommunication.

My first task was benchmarking the competition and detailing the design directions that were to be changed.

too many layers of text prompts before arriving at site
huge intro animation further delays user arrival at site
search box appears below the fold
search box not sized for both browsers
black left frame overpowers everything else
three different graphic typefaces used
logos used are "Custom Revolutions", URL is
repetition of the logo on hundreds of compilation listings
drop shadow direction incorrect
too many words, not enough links for web clickiness
passive voice used extensively
meaningless banner advertisements to record labels
double-loading pages in Netscape due to meta tag errors


My response was this version, which took only three weeks of work, including learning the site structure.

 customdisc v1 1 2   


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