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FitLinxx is a fitness hardware/software solution provider. Kiosks and touch-screen devices are attached to exercise equipment in gyms, which then track your activities.

The web site is an online, extended version of the software for tracking all of your workout data, as well as a health/fitness content locus, and a corporate site.

The traditional problems existed upon my arrival:

  • unclear mixing of the user and business actions
  • overloading of text
  • more is more thinking (are we a portal?)
  • poor labeling of actions and areas
  • budgetary chaos (spend the farm)
  • visual hierarchy not defined via commitment of pixel real estate

Though my role was principally that of product manager and information architect the outgrowth of my work was seen first in a revamping of the front page of the site. The lead designer and I working closely on each revision.

Old Front Page

New Front Page

The new design consolidates all the information and navigation in the prior via aggregation into a much smaller space and with a greater attention to prioritization of the page in accordance with desired and practiced user actions.

Another key aspect of this design was the shift of the site from general portal to weekly portal... rotating content to match visit frequency of loyal customers.

More to Come?

Further design improvements, the overhaul of the site's architecture, usability and systems updates, a new workout notebook space, and much more were all prepared as specification documents prior to my departure.

If you are interested in reviewing these schematics, information architecture, and/or specifications, please arrange for a personal preview as they are company confidential.

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