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Interviews can be really weird... example.

I go to an interview for a Creative Director position at Imperium Solutions. Things are going very well and they ask their standard question:

"Can you do a quick redesign of our company web site taking into account our discussions about the small design firm concept?"

Easy... analysis of current site, repair of mistakes, consolidation of business objectives, clear marketing and brand solution and then an organic design overlay.

Here's how it plays out:

Good Morning Ann,
The words of our last parting:

"a redesign of Imperium's home page...
it's something we ask every candidate to do at this point."

So, I got in the car and started driving home, ruminating on the nature of the interview and the issue of the assignment. It occurred to me that our discussions often alighted on the topic of what to do with the little design startup within Imperium.

That's when I knew what you needed... a design brand and a slogan.
trip the design fantastic

Now I felt I could begin designing against the Imperium home page.


The Analysis and the Method

  • too much text on Imperium
  • Imperium front page not "splashy" at all!
    (this must be changed)
  • you would want the Imperium home page to highlight without taking away from the strength of the Imperium brand
  • you would want some high-end HTML/JavaScript or Flash
  • you will need to correct the layout/formatting so that these pages fit within the 640 space and print without word cutoffs

The Imperium Brand and the Brand

The tilted Rubick's cube on the left is fine... but the current page layout does nothing with it to strengthen the page. The typeface is excellent and implies sophistication.

We would want the brand to play off of this with color and fun, but without too many additional typefaces.

This domain is lightly owned and could be purchase for about $10,000. Very slight for a great name that integrates so tightly with your main brand.

So... you ready to see the design?


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