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When one speaks of internet design be wary to consider the information and interactivity design issues that are always a part of this process.

For over 15 years I have undertaken digital and internet projects ranging from hybrid application/internet products to taxonomy development to usability testing to content planning to information architecture and strategic planning to pure site redesigns. My experience provides tremendous depth and breadth of understanding of the processes and technical requirements needed to execute digitally. 

information architecture
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  • Intel - worldwide testing
  • AOL - architecting the world's most visited entertainment properties in the world's shortest timeframe
  • Intel - solutions taxonomy development
  • Intel - product portfolio
  • Pitney Bowes - put your stamp on things
  • Aetna - politics vs. planning
  • New Balance - happy 100th birthday to NB
  • Nordic Lottery Systems - introducing Otto, the world's most incredible lottery system... integrating online sites, desktop agents, and mobile devices
  • Intel - a new software partner program
  • Intel - once again into the Comergent breach

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