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 multimedia CD-ROM  

Traditional CD-ROMs are often very expensive. There are issues associated with traditional product development and manufacturing that are unavoidably expensive.

This was clearly the case when the Psychology Media Editors at Prentice Hall envisioned their Live!Project. The goal of this project was to develop an online library of media content that could be accessed by multiple textbook reference websites.

I took the ball from there and demonstrated how our publishing product architecture could be easily extended along this dimension to create a single referenced library of interactive content that could be "virtually" put together to create meaningful Modules of any sequence of concepts, activities, and even assessments.

General Look and Feel

This product carries most of the same content-level features as the Biological Science product, but plays back more natively in the browser space. It features a LinkBuilder Tool that allows media experts and editors to create their own links into the library, such as the one seen below. These links are simple HTML that can be pasted into any web page.

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