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As Director of Product Development at Dynamic Minds, we were tasked with a rebuild of an existing media product using the technology and process developed for Freeman, Biological Science. Life on Earth was done on a miniscule budget because we were able to reuse so much of the product and processes developed for the prior release.

Student CD-ROM and Instructor's Resource CD-ROM

There were two versions of this media product, the Student CD-ROM and the Instructor's Resource CD-ROM. The latter included the former, but also catalogued nearly 5,000 digital assets ranging from each individual animation and learning object on the student CD, to each visual from the textbook, to hundreds of prepared questions, outlines, and PowerPoint files to assist the teacher in presenting the material.

Textbook Design

Splash Screen for the Student CD-ROM

I worked as Creative Director and music composer for all splash screens. These highly sensitive initial offerings always need extra client care, understanding of the users, and a director's touch to keep refined and not extravagant.

click here to view the Flash animation
click here to hear an alternate musical score

Chapter Pages


For this version of the product we updated the Glossary to include link-backs to Student CD concept blocks for relevant terms.

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