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Since I don't spend a lot of time on the phone when driving, I always seem to have time to notice others in their cars.

I'm amazed at how private people think their cars are. Second (slightly) to this blissful ignorance of the transparency of their windows, is the self-centered nature of their driving habits.

Based on my randomized, unscientific samples, only about 25% of drivers bother to use their directionals. I'm not sure about the real culprit here, but it appears that these drivers unconsciously think that it is unimportant to notify the rest of the world in which direction they are steering their 2-ton steel tank (or coffin).

Narcissus didn't know he was self-centered, he was just completely absorbed in his own image. The same goes for this massive percentage of "carcissists" who are utterly devoted to their own doings and comings and goings. We're all just guests in their universe.

Oh, by the way, referring back to my earlier comment on window transparency.
Folks, don't pick your nose in the car... anyone can see through glass, not just those from the planet Krypton.





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