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CityDesk Rules the Coop

I'm so tired of spending hundreds and thousands of dollars of development costs building websites with database integration and site management, only to see the look on the face of the person who has to maintain this beast.

Well, thank God for CityDesk. And here's the skinny on why it's great.


You Need Control (therefore)
You Need Templates
You Need a Database
You Need a Live Database (wrong)!

CityDesk is a local development database that preprocess your website before an FTP publish. This is a real "old school" approach with a great twist.

Designing into CityDesk

I design my sites in Visio, Photoshop, FrontPage, HomeSite and Dreamweaver.

Then I render the templates into CityDesk. This is much simpler than the old ASP days and has far more control of each document, asset, graphic, etc.

Then I write the navigation scripts that are required. Typically, this means CityDesk's own scripting language (CityScript) overlaid on HTML and DHTML menu systems. I filter lists by folder locations and keywords, sort them by date, and basically get all the fun of queries into a database without having to write yet another one and go through the rigamarole of server setups and connections.


With CityDesk, I also don't have to worry about maintaining multiple environments (dev, stage, live). I develop locally. CityDesk allows me to preview locally, or publish to any location, including FTP compares with live sites.

Less Money is More

The professional version of CityDesk costs less than $350... a few more bucks than FrontPage or DreamWeaver. But, when you assess the lowered costs of development, content maintenance, server maintenance, etc. you'll see that you save money and get control over your site.

Design Cycle Costs - Separating Content from Presentation

How many times are you planning on redesigning your site in the coming years? Probably a few times. That's why it is wise to separate your content from the presentation. Yet most of you are going to retool completely with the next revision... not too smart.

To put it bluntly... CityDesk is the least expensive, most powerful, most stable database development environment out there.

To put it even more bluntly... it's the only tool that's simple enough for my clients to use.

This is why I develop in CityDesk.

Check out CityDesk for yourself.
Check out some recent websites done in CityDesk:



 citydesk rules the coop


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