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 enter bluetooth... with no bite! part 1

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Enter Bluetooth... with no BITE! part 1

The great consortium has spoken. The people may finally get device to device connectivity.

Unfortunately, and as usual, the big players that all wanted their say in establishing this protocol haven't a clue as to how to develop a connected computing world. They seem to be largely interested in tinkering with half-baked ideas, like adding a universal remote to a PDA, instead of trying to solve the universal issue with a vision and phased deliverables.

"Herbert, Herbert!"
Let's take an example of the big damn mess we're in.

How many computing and input devices do you have? Then ask yourself how many of these actually connect to each other.

"We Reach"
All right... it's a big mess. So, how do we clean up this big mess with Bluetooth?

We start with the largest bases of users:

  • computer
  • home remote control
  • PDA: Palm & PocketPC

Then we add some handy connectivity protocols:

  • digital cell phone
  • home wireless radio
  • infrared
  • 802.11b
  • Bluetooth

Then we add some hardware systems:

  • new conventional routing & mixing systems
  • new integrated databases of personal assets
  • new bluetooth to IR to bluetooth satellite receiver/transmitters

Then we add databases, upcoming software, and some protocols:

  • MUZE
  • online management and personalization
  • synchronization
  • small footprint databases
  • across-platforms functionality
  • rights management software

Put all these things together and what does your "vision" become?

Computing and Input Devices
  • home computer
  • notebook computer
  • Palm or PDA organizer
  • Mira device
  • car telematics system
  • micro organizer (REX or watch)
  • eBook reader
  • remote controls
    • stereo receiver
    • cd player
    • cd jukebox
    • md player
    • television
    • cable box
    • satellite box
    • vcr
    • dvd player
    • car stereo
  • universal remotes
    • Sony
    • Microsoft/HK
    • manufacturer
  • digital peripherals
    • MP3 player
    • digital voice rec
    • digital camera
    • digital camcorder
  • cellular phone
  • home phone
  • home fax

Now, let's list out some of the connection types.

  • serial
  • parallel
  • USB
  • firewire
  • infrared
  • Bluetooth
  • 802.11b
  • network
  • radio (wireless network)
  • radio (900 MHz)
  • optical Toslink
  • standard audio

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 enter bluetooth... with no bite! part 1


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